Monday, December 6, 2010

The Bee's Knees {Tucson, az photographer}

This is the first time I shot a family with older kids. Can I say how amazing it is? They listen to you and stay still. What a concept! I had such a blast with the Pullen family. We laughed together and just had a good time. I forgot I was even working!
We had a slight break when I get stung on the bottom of my foot by a bee! But, the show must go on right?
The Pullen's just recently moved here from Boston. I am sure they were enjoying the 70 degree weather and flip flops! They are going to make their east coast friends and family jealous!


  1. So fun!! Great job! I can't believe you got stung. ouch!!!

  2. That was an adventure...getting stung on the job! hahahahaha. I stepped into a pile of fire ants a couple of shoots ago. Those things are killers! I was scratching at them for 3 weeks. I can relate to the feeling of forgetting you are actually working when you shoot. It's so fun huh? I can't wait to talk photography with you. Great photos. You are awesome!!!


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