Friday, April 26, 2013

Bennion Easter {Phoenix childrens photographer}

These two girlies make me giddy. Aren't they just the cutest?
 photo bennioneasterblog-1_zpsd61bf7af.jpg
 photo bennioneasterblog-2_zpsb42cb5a8.jpg
 photo bennioneasterblog-3_zpsb7eccfc1.jpg
 photo bennioneasterblog-4_zpsd954a603.jpg
 photo bennioneasterblog-5_zps16fcb6a1.jpg
 photo bennioneasterblog-7_zps25eb3b57.jpg
 photo bennioneasterblog-8_zps1f7f12a4.jpg
 photo bennioneasterblog-9_zps29a01779.jpg
 photo bennioneasterblog-10_zpse3fbb273.jpg
 photo bennioneasterblog-11_zps084de3e2.jpg
 photo bennioneasterblog-12_zps9680a80a.jpg
 photo bennioneasterblog-13_zps2e5a52f3.jpg
 photo bennioneasterblog-14_zps3ef40b74.jpg
 photo bennioneasterblog-15_zps58cfc453.jpg
 photo bennioneasterblog-16_zps563a13da.jpg
 photo bennioneasterblog-17_zps58f93973.jpg


  1. Wow! Absolutely beautiful photos Beth. Did you process them yourself or did you use an action/preset?

  2. Ashley, I mostly use a mix of Florabella actions. I usually do a small % on about 3-5 actions to get the look I want :)

  3. I love the ones of them laying on the blanket and the oldest sister is hugging the younder one. Way to capture a moment.


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